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" Rosalie's production quote, years of experience and excellent project input was a key factor in the hiring ... the producer we hired had to be most sensitive to the subject matter. Rosalie was a perfect fit."

Jane Trumner
Street Health


"Friendly, flexible, good listener, patient, engaged and very professional are just some of the qualities Eric brings with his many filmmaking talents."

Rev. David Molzahn, Correctional Service of Canada, Chaplaincy





































“A superior Betacam EFP camera operator.”

David Naylor, CBC, Woodbine Entertainment


































“Rosalie handled herself professionally and unobtrusively. She worked with a minimal crew component in order to capture our work with as little disruption as possible.”

Jane Trumner
Street Health

























Production Services

Digital video production has changed the way we think about making videos. With proper attention to quality lighting, digital video has a rich look without the expense of traditional formats. With CD and DVD burning, duplication is in the hands of the customer. And the web can get your message out to a global market. From production to duplication and distribution, digital video can speak for you.



Script to Screen

Need an affordable video? Don’t compromise on quality. belladonna productions has the resources to get your message out on budget. We will discuss with you creative and budgetary considerations and provide video production services that are tailored to your needs.


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Director: Rosalie Bellefontaine:
For credits please see Productions and belladonna


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Writer: Sheldon Inkol
Sheldon Inkol is an award-winning graduate of the York University Film Program and an alumnus of the Praxis Film Development Workshop. A member of the Directors Guild of Canada, he has been working in the Canadian film and TV industry for over 15 years. His writing credits include the feature films SPECIMEN and DARKNESS FALLING, as well as the well-received one-act play UNINVITED. He also directed and co-wrote CARVER'S GATE, which screened at film festivals in Canada and Europe and was favourably reviewed by The Hollywood Reporter, especially for its "innovative script." Inkol teaches a course in screenwriting and hosts a writer's workshop in addition to working on his own screenplays, which have received development funding from Telefilm Canada, the Harold Greenberg Fund, and the Toronto Arts Council.

Inkol's varied experience also includes work as an investigative researcher and in corporate communications. He is highly regarded for his critical insight, his ability to write in a wide variety of genres and styles, and his commitment to both improving his own work and the writing of others.


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Camera Operator: Rosalie Bellefontaine‘s

Bellefontaine‘s filmic approach to shooting began in 1981 with her award-winning camera work in a short 16mm film called, No! In addition to her broadcast experience (CBC, Global, CanWest, WTN), Bellefontaine has enjoyed servicing the non-profit sector. Among them, she shot Teacher’s Make a Difference, a six part dramatic tool for schoolyard bullies. And Bellefontaine worked with Joe Duquette Native Survival School and Maggie’s Daycare for Teen Parents teaching video production to Aboriginal Youth for two years.

Bellefontaine’s cinematography in the acclaimed half hour drama, North of West Gate, revealed the gritty reality of Aboriginal youth in Winnipeg’s Broadway area.


Bellefontaine entered the corporate world at Woodbine Entertainment where her betacam captured corporate and broadcast messages, notably the Queen during her 1998 tour and award-winning work for TSN.


From the non-profit sector to the winners’ circle media scrums, Bellefontaine applies tenacity and patience to get the shot right.


“Words can’t express how much we all enjoyed working with {Rosalie} during the conference. You are so professional, caring, intelligent, and you make everything seem very collaborative and easy-going.


“Thanks also for your endurance, sustained focus, and concentration. It was a real pleasure having you on “the team”, especially during that conference. We all felt high for the next week!

Kem Murch , producing for Vision TV

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Selected camera work:

  • Reality Quest, Toronto interviews
  • North of West Gate, nominated Best Drama, Yorkton Showcase
  • The Mayor of Tent City, guerilla videography
  • Positive Men, director Michael Balzer, dramatic sequences
  • Street Health, non-profit promotional tape, verité style
  • Integrity Matters - Nominated Best Telecast, Sovereign Award, ORC
  • Caretaker - Nominated Best Feature, Hambletonian Award
  • Fort Erie: 100 years - Winner Best Broadcast, Eclipse Award
  • No!, Best Film, CBC Telefest 1981, 16mm.
  • Skylight with Rita Deverall, Vision TV, Kem Murch Productions
  • Changing Ways of Worship, Spirit Connection, Vision TV
  • Northern Saskatchewan International Children's Festival tape


Live Performances:

  • Colin James Live, Winnipeg Fringe Festival,
  • Rachel Browne’s Modern Dance Show,
  • Peter Taussig performance at Winnipeg Concert Hall,
  • Al Simmons performance at Pantages Playhouse Theatre.


Work aired on CBC, CTV, WTN, CHCH, CanWest, Global, SportsNet, TSN, OJC-TV, CKND-TV.


Camera Specs:
This camera has 3-CCD half inch chips, significantly superior to the normally 1/3”. It takes the convenience and cost effectiveness of the mini-DV format and combines them in a professional package. With unrivalled performance in its class, it is a shoulder mounted camera with 3 XLR audio inputs.

380,000 pixels (768H x 494V) per device, NTSC colour system, 4:1:1 sampling, 5:1 compression ratio , Professional XLR audio connections with selectable 48 V Phantom power. Two line input signals, full SMPTE time code and user bit generator/reader. Optical Filters for 3,200K, 5,600K, and 5,600K with 1/64th ND. Internal sync, external sync (VBS).


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Editing Facilities

Avid Xpress DV (on-line computer editing facility)1.8 GHz processor, 700 gig HD.


Editor: Rosalie Bellefontaine

Corporate, non-profit, broadcast and web applications.



Selected editing productions (alphabetical):

  • Caretaker - Nominated Best Feature, Hambletonian Award
  • CBC Newsworld
  • Integrity Matters - Nominated Best Telecast, Sovereign Award
  • La Troupe Du Jour, 4 x 10 min educational series for Le Lien
  • North of West Gate, nominated Best Drama, Yorkton Showcase
  • Northern Saskatchewan International Children’s Festival
  • Reality Quest
  • Street Health
  • Trading Recipes, 53 minute doc, Assistant Editor

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Motion Graphics:

Alan Shisko
Shisko’s unique blend of aesthetic and technical knowledge of motion graphics has earned him an illustrious 18 year career including in-house broadcast production for Woodbine Entertainment Group (CTV, Sportsnet, The Score and TRN). Shisko’s corporate clients include Seagrams Canada, BMG Music Canada Inc., Newad Media, Jones New York, Robert Bosch Inc., ICI Explosives, Orica Canada and Drastic Technologies.

Shisko founded Motion Graphics Toronto (Mograto) as a professional forum for the motion graphics and compositing community. See for more information.

He received a B.A. (Hons) in Film Production from York University in 1991.

Shisko has a chapter in the book, "Premiere and After Effects Studio Secrets" by Stan Carver dedicated to his work, and was featured in the January, 2004 issue of "Studio Multimédia" magazine out of France. He is currently the featured artist on the Zaxwerks website. On-line portfolio:

"Thank you very much ... (your work was)… really fabulous. I laughed and laughed and laughed, kind of a hysterical crying laughing, like I was at 'Cats' or something."

Andrea Robertson Producer/Director


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Sound Track:

Composer: Blaine Donais
Donais, sound track composer for the last 20 years, has produced for various films and videos for Belladonna Productions. He has a solid career as a musician, composer and performer, having played at venues such as the El Mocambo and The Lazy Owl. This includes a solo single release Cola Wars at Home and Abroad/Spirit of ’76, and CD single Garrison Creek/Falling performed by Dish. In addition to his music career, Donais is a successful union-side labour lawyer, negotiator and mediator.


Listen: (coming soon)

  • Garrison Creek by Dish
  • North of West Gate: North of West Gate
  • North of West Gate: Skateboarding
  • North of West Gate: Jeremy Cool
  • North of West Gate: Slow Moon Acid
  • North of West Gate: Meltdown Boogie


Selected Sound Track History

  • Street Health
  • North of West Gate
  • Motherearth and the Babyboom
  • Louis Riel: Metis Leader


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Art Direction:

Art Director: Adrienne Trent



  • Canadian Firearms Safety Certificate 2003
  • Canadian Restricted Firearms Safety Certificate 2003
  • Workplace Hazardous Material Information System Certificate 2003
  • First Aid & CPR Certificate 2002
  • Class G Ontario Driver¹s License
  • Ontario College of Art 4-year diploma (Sculpture/Film) 1989


Production Management




Distribution has never been simpler. Let us help you get your message on the web. Cut out the cost of mailing and simply post your video on the internet. With digital compression, your video need not take up a lot of space. And your audience will appreciate the easy access.



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